Omeo Evolution - ​$19,950 USD *

PLUS Freight/Shipping Fee, Import Tariff (if applicable), Customs Clearance Fee, Local Sales/Use Tax (if applicable)


***All-Terrain Kit (Off-Road Tires/Wheels) is available for additional cost***


  1. Please complete the "Order Online" form & submit it online.

  2. Once your online order form is received, you will be contacted to finalize customization features, verify freight/shipping details and address any additional questions.

  3. You will submit a deposit of $1,000 USD into an Omeo Technology Trust/Escrow account.

  4. Once your deposit has been received, your order will be confirmed and entered into the assembly queue.

  5. Prior to shipment, you will be invoiced the remaining balance, including freight/shipping fee.

  6. Once full payment has been received, your Omeo Evolution I will be shipped.

(Please note, you are responsible for submitting payment for import tariff (if applicable), customs clearance fee and local sales/use tax (if applicable) through the selected customs agent.  At request, Omeo Technology selected shipper can act as your customs agent.)

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