Omeo Evolution is a leading-edge personal mobility device that fully integrates a patented Active-drive Seat Control system with a proven self-balancing technology.  The dynamic seat control system enables the user to move intuitively and completely hands-free.

  • Three steering options - Hands-free, seat steer (user weight shifting) or joystick.  (Joystick and other controls can be positoned on the left or right side of the user)

  • Automated self-leveling stabilizing feet

  • Easy clean impact resistant hi-density polyethylene body

  • Built in LED lights

  • Storage compartment

  • Easy transferring to get on and off.  No bulky, dangerous central steering column

  • Foldaway footrest with a choice of height adjustments

  • Adjustable seat height & positioning

  • USB charging port for smartphone

  • Multi-functional holders for accessories.  (For example, cup holder, fishing rods, umbrellas, tray.)

  • Weather resistant - can not be submersed under water

  • Length with footrest up - 30.3 inches

  • Height with backrest on - 39.4 inches

  • Height with backrest off - 24 inches

  • Width - 25.2 inches (standard tires/wheels). With all terrain kit - 32.7 inches

  • Battery x 2 - Lithium Ion

  • Battery x 2 weight - 24 lbs

  • Travel distance - 24.8 miles on a single charge.  (Proper battery maintenance required)

  • Weight - 143 lbs

  • Speed - 12 mph (Modified based on local rules/regulations)

Available colors: purple, blue, orange, green, black (not picured)

"So many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then they seem improbable, and then, when we summon the will, they soon become inevitable"  -  Christopher Reeve

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